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DEKO is a large manufacturer and global supplier of household tools and repair equipment, providing low-cost products with trendy designs and technologies to customers around the world.

We are young energy professionals who are forever curious, want to learn and improve, and innovate. We have developed our business model to offer our customers the best possible tool at an affordable price and over the years we have gained the trust of users worldwide.

12 lines 3D cross line laser

So I worked for a long time with all possible cross line lasers and then also tested my 5 favorites.

The decision for this product was not difficult for me. Really a very good product, almost without any weaknesses. Only the brightness could be a bit better. But this would be whining at a very high level and at this price it is completely secondary.

I can definitely recommend this laser 100%

-Philipp, January 2021

550W paint spray system

It sprays really fine and can be easily adapted to different needs.

Filling the container is very easy, you just have to screw the container back on properly. Otherwise the system will draw in secondary air and no paint will be sprayed. The pistol is also easy to clean.

A really great device, not only for men, but also for women, it can work very easily.

Delivery is very fast and I would buy it again.

- Sun, September 2020

Cordless screwdriver Cordless screwdriver

You can say compact, practically good, I got exactly what I expected.

In this small, well-made suitcase you will find everything a "normal" person needs in the household. The direction of rotation can be set to the right or left. The functionality of the cordless screwdriver allows you to get into all difficult corners and is therefore optimally equipped.

All in all, I can highly recommend the product and not least because of the unbeatable price.

- leandraf, March 2021

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